Over 30 years experience instructing in the therapeutic,  educational and artistic disciplines in Germany, United States and Canada
  Participating member of the Eurythmeum Stuttgart stage group touring both in Europe and North America from 1976 through to 1979
  Founding member of Ogham Verlag publishing house in south Germany, specializing in illustrated books for children and books on Irish and European medieval history and folk tales
  Founded and created Melusine Figure Theatre in Harburg/Hamburg Germany,  presenting the French tale Beauty and the Beast for several thousand children and adults during 1991-92 
  Designed and created stage sets and costumes for Ashdown Eurythmy Theatre and small independent theatre stages.
  Solo Exhibition of Art Textiles – Fabric Wall Art in Harburg, Germany 1998
  Completed the two year Jewellery Art and Design Diploma program offered at Vancouver Community College – receiving special awards in the design and display categories 1999 - 2001
  Awarded a two semester grant to attend the California State University Sacramento – master’s program in Theatre and Puppet theatre arts. 2001 -2002
  Diploma in counselling from Vancouver College of Counsellor Training  2008

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